What goes together better than death, crabs and the blues?

The promo commercial for tonight's season premiere of the Discovery Channel's hit survival-reality show 'Deadliest Catch' -- which as always features badass fishermen going through a freezing wet version of hell -- is soundtracked by the gritty Black Keys throwback, ‘Heavy Soul,’ off of 2002’s ‘The Big Come Up.’

In the promo for tonight's season premiere, we've got all an armchair adreneline junky could want: "The crabs have just announced war!" declares a mustachioed badass to the camera. This season will be fresh as the crabmeat these dudes risk their lives to put in your mouth and line their pockets: "whole new boat, whole new crew." The commercial features a sequence of quips full of grizzled gumption, including "Are you ready to work your ass off?" and "this is not fishing weather, this is run for cover weather," followed by "Ah, it's good to be home."

The only group with enough badass -- and we use that term again, because it's the only one that fits -- to soundtrack such feats of death-defying fishing is those ex-Ohio boys. Hell yeah, Discovery Channel, you've got us hooked. Tune in tonight a 9PM ET.

Watch The Black Keys’  ‘Heavy Soul’ in the Deadliest Catch Season Promo

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