Deadmau5 hit up Facebook last night to post a note about "a couple of dumbasses" who recently broke into his mom's house in the Niagara Falls region of Canada and vandalized it for no apparent reason. The house DJ reveals that his mom was not home at the time of the incident and is safe and sound, but despite her security he has vowed to find the responsible parties.The post on his Facebook page reads:

.. wow. a couple of dumbasses in Niagara Falls broke into my mothers house, ransacked it, slashed her paintings and stole a TV / sonos stuff... etc and basically trashed the house. man, you assholes picked the wrong house. (my moms okay, she wasnt there) Anthony Dodkins unavailable for comment, but yeah... mau5 is gunna find you.

We're not quite sure who Anthony Dodkins is, but we're pretty sure we know what "mau5 is gunna find you" means. It means whomever it is who is responsible may best go into hiding, because Deadmau5 is pretty upset about this whole thing, and he may end up taking the law into his own hands. At least, that's what it sounds like -- though we're honestly not sure what his regard for the law is.

Deadmau5 was born on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls and raised in Toronto, so he's no stranger to the region. Perhaps that will help if he actually mounts his manhunt for the culprits. Good luck, Mau5 man!