Deadmau5 is quite the avid tweeter, and he recently announced the release of a brand-new song online via the interactive social media platform, allowing fans to watch his progress while he worked.

On Sunday (July 29), the EDM artist made the following post to Twitter: "taking a break from the veldt production, messing around.  dont feel like talking, so … just gunna make some music,” thus encouraging viewers to follow him on Deadmau5 Live.

He spent the next several hours tweeting updates on the development of his new track, providing fans with a glimpse into his creative process. The unmastered track, titled 'There Might Be Coffee,' was released that very same evening -- just 12 hours after his initial tweet about the song -- as a free stream on his SoundCloud account. Check it out below.

In a later post, he wrote "i just sit here and 'compose' actual music sounding stuff, till i find something decent, then make nonsense or sense out of it really." The next day, he hinted at yet another new song to come: "since im on a roll here, working on a new track called 'unf*ck' ... it's so messed up, i have to do 2 versions of it."

No matter the time of day or night, Deadmau5 is never far from his Twitter device, so he is bound to keep us posted on the status of future music projects.

Listen to Deadmau5's 'There Might Be Coffee'