He's back! EDM superstar Deadmau5 will make his triumphant return to the annual Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2013. The festival expands to two weekends in 2013, with the newly-engaged knob twiddler set to perform a pair of closing night sets on March 16 and March 23, respectively. So it's double the Deadmau5 pleasure each Saturday.

Earlier this year, he released a video expressing his disdain at the exorbitant ticket prices and the unfair nature of the contractual limitations of the festival, which prohibit DJs from performing sets elsewhere while in town for the event. It didn't seem like he would be on hand to perform, given these factors. He also ranted that it's "the same f---ing thing every year" pertaining to this event.

Fans are to "blame" for this spot of good news, though. It seems that the Deadmau5 faithful badgered him about it, so he is responding to fan demand. His tweet revealing his participating at UMF is below.

Well, I caved in…. There was just too many of you guys asking me to play at ultra this year, so im doin it for you guys! :) viva la horde.

What a crowd pleaser.

He also posted that he has begun preparations for the big event.

I guess if you want something to change... you gotta change it yourself. Day 1 of the Ultra show production prep starts today.

Sounds like Mau5 was able to work something out with the organizers. Whatever the case, who cares! He's back and will be spinning the night away in Miami this March.

The festival unfolds over two weekends – March 15 through March 17 and then March 22 through March 24.