It took more than $650 for one lucky fan to secure a 2005 Depeche Mode silkscreen poster this month on eBay.

The focus of the poster is an androgynous orange-haired figure with green lips and weeping eyeliner that forms little black hearts. The individual is shown in front of a green-ish paisley background.

At the bottom of the 23" x 32" poster are the details of the concert. Depeche Mode performed with the Raveonettes on Nov. 23, 2005 at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, Calif.

McPherson titled the poster 'Love Your Tears.' She signed the limited edition item, which officially sold for $650 plus shipping.

McPherson has become a well-known poster artist, serving up concert art for dozens of bands over the past decade, including Kings of Leon, the Liars, Beck and Duran Duran. She has also worked on 'Futurama' and for DC Comics.

Depeche Mode devotees are awaiting the band's 13th studio album, which they about to start recording, with the goal of having the record done by the end of 2012.