It's been awhile since she's released a new non-holiday song, so there was a lot of excitement surrounding Kelly Clarkson this week as the American Idol winner and pop singer unveiled her latest effort in the form of 'Heartbeat Song' -- but that's not really why she has our attention. The single sounds almost exactly the same as Jimmy Eat World's earth-shattering smash hit, 'The Middle.'

There is no arguing that most pop songs -- really all songs in general -- are merely recreations of tracks and styles prior to them, but we can't figure out if this is a compliment or slap-in-the-face to Jimmy Eat World. Regardless, the resemblance is uncanny -- but don't take our word for it, check out Clarkson's new song below, and then hit play on 'The Middle' and decide for yourself!

Kelly Clarkson -- 'Heartbeat Song'

Jimmy Eat World -- 'The Middle'

So what say you? Is it just a coincidence or did a creative robbery just take place? Let us know in the comments section below!

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