Summer is the central theme of the top two videos on the fan-voted countdown this week, and the similarities don't end there. Both Dirty Heads' clip for 'My Sweet Summer' — which took the top spot — and Dead Stars' 'Summer Bummer' are set at the beach and both coincidentally begin with their protagonists getting out of bed in the morning (although the leads in the Dead Star video are exponentially cuter than those in Dirty Heads').

Elsewhere, Ray LaMontagne landed at No. 3 on the chart with the quirky, animated video for 'Supernova,' while Jack White ('Lazaretto') places at No. 4. Meanwhile, the Black Keys ('Fever'), Kongos ('Come With Me Now'), Bleachers ('I Wanna Get Better'), Arctic Monkeys ('Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?'), Bastille ('Bad Blood') and Bob Mould ('I Don't Know You Anymore') all make strong showings.

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  • 10

    'Bad Blood'

  • 9

    'I Wanna Get Better'

  • 8

    'Come With Me Now'

  • 7

    'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?'

    Arctic Monkeys
  • 6


    Black Keys
  • 5

    'I Don't Know You Anymore'

    Bob Mould
  • 4


    Jack White
  • 3


    Ray LaMontagne
  • 2

    'Summer Bummer'

    Dead Stars
  • 1

    'My Sweet Summer'

    Dirty Heads

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