Japandroids fans' loss is the general TV-viewing public's gain. For unspecified reasons, DIIV recently dropped off a North American tour opening for that band a few dates early  -- they had been scheduled to rock together through a gig tomorrow (Dec. 15) in Minneapolis, Minn. -- but following the cancellation, DIIV added a 'Late Show With Davd Letterman' appearance to their itinerary. 

Last night, they made the most of the situation, hitting the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City to blow some minds with 'Doused,' a blissed-out nugget of upbeat shoegaze goodness off the band's Diffuser.fm Music Awards Debut Album of the Year-nominated 'Oshin.' Hats off to Dave's team on the hip booking, though it raises a question: Now that wild, adventurous and relatively obscure bands frequently turn up on late-night talk shows, what does the non-indie-rock-loving general public make of it?