DIIV have already played several shows this spring and summer – including opening for Weezer – but their three-night stand at the Music Hall of Williamsburg is a summer benchmark, a homecoming of sorts. On Wednesday night, the band opened for Sky Ferreira -- who happens to be DIIV singer Z. Cole Smith's girlfriend -- and tonight they'll play the second of two headlining shows.

DIIV are Brooklyn's unofficial house band: woozy, chill, scary enough to thrash to, poppy enough to bop your head to. And they're the perfect band for the graffiti backdrops found inside assorted musical dens of Williamsburg and Bushwick. So a series of sweaty summer shows at this trusty Brooklyn venue serve as a fitting welcome home for them.

Openers LODRO -- gloomy psych-rockers who have haunted the warehouses of North Brooklyn for years now -- put on a slow, creepy show. Singer-guitarist Jeremy Cox had particular opportunity to show off his talent on guitar, drawing out spinal guitar riffs that jangled and coiled around Lesley Hann's goth bass lines. The band has a great formula, but it felt in a way like it was missing a member – an anchor or frontman to gather up all the energy and loosen up the audience.

But DIIV's hour-long set evolved from loping New Wave odyssey to full-on thrasher, thanks in part to their well-honed cover of 'Like a Rolling Stone' and the energetic closer, 'Doused.' They've perfected the balance more than anyone else pushing the boundaries of druggy psych-rock while staying friendly to those who'd rather stand and nod. It's a perfect compromise – at once violent and sedate; a mix of rock with pop – that pleases both the chilled-out and the adventurous.

Still, it's DIIV's self-obsession that makes them so attractive, and we were reminded of it, happily, last night. There were no awkward movements as they swayed in front of projections of their own home movies, heads down, and beating away at their instruments while running at each other on the stage. Smith even looked (dare we say?) messianic, with his flowing white shirt and his arms stretched over his guitar. It's a rare attitude and long overdue. Somebody has to have the audacity to cover 'Like a Rolling Stone' these days.

DIIV wrap up their three-night stand at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, with LODRO and Regal Degal once again opening.