Last month, during an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose, Diplo and Skrillex -- who perofrm together as Jack Ü -- told the show’s host they have recorded an “album worth of material” with Arcade Fire. Now, adding fuel to the fire of rumors, Diplo showed up at Win Butler’s latest DJ gig in Montreal.

Butler, who performs under the stage moniker DJ Windows 98, was playing one show in his ongoing Naïve Melodie concert series at Phi Centre. And Diplo wasn’t the only star guest to make an appearance during Butler’s set -- Madonna also joined the two DJs, as did Butler’s wife and Arcade Fire bandmate Regine Chassagne. See photos, plus a video from Diplo, below:

During Diplo and Skrillex’s conversation with Charlie Rose, the former described the artists’ studio session with Arcade Fire and said he would soon return to Montreal to continue work on the new material.

“We just played for 20 minutes, just everybody on an instrument,” Diplo said. “I’m probably going to go back to Montreal with the lead singer Win [Butler] and maybe Sonny [Moore] and record vocals on it.”

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