The Dirty Heads hit the road with Matisyahu earlier this summer for a joint North American tour that runs through the end of September, giving them the opportunity -- some may say obligation -- to team up each night for a performance of ‘Dance All Night,’ the quick-burning groove off the Heads' ‘Cabin by the Sea’ album featuring guest vocals from the formerly Hasidic rapper.

We're not sure how often they've actually hit the stage together on the trek, but luckily the cameras were rolling in time to capture at least one live performance of 'Dance All Night.' An official music video for the tune is expected to be released soon, but in the meantime we've got the exclusive premiere of a cut highlighted by some live footage that may end up in the official clip.

"Check out this video we put together with some live and behind-the-scenes footage to show fans a glimpse of what the past two months have been on the road," Jared "Dirty J" Watson tells of the video, which features a fresh-faced Matisyahu hop onstage in time to deliver the second verse. "It's just a small taste of what the official music video will be like -- check it out soon!"

Watch the Dirty Heads 'Dance All Night' Video

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