L.A.'s premier garage punk duo, the Bots -- who just released their debut LP 'Pink Palms' last year -- encapsulate everything that's good with today's rock and roll scene. And while they're still celebrating 'Pink Palms,' this week they've unveiled a free download of a demo of the track 'Alanna.' Check it out below.

The cut, which was recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas during a session with producer Nick Zinner, is a less-produced version of the studio song. "This was the first track we did together," Zinner says in a statement. "I loved the idea that we were in this amazing bucolic studio in the desert outside of El Paso and they were writing a song about a girl from their high school who used to bake them cupcakes with her own blood."

As good as that red velvet cupcake looks in the audio player below, we're not sure we can stomach blood dessert.

'Pink Palms' is out now via Fader.

Listen to + Download the Bots' Demo of 'Alanna'

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