We’re two weeks and one day away from the Sept. 30 release of American Band, the new album by the Drive-By Truckers. Today (Sept. 15), they released the second single, “Filthy and Fried,” with a lyric video that is embedded above.

As with the first song released from American Band, "Surrender Under Protest," “Filthy and Fried” was written by Mike “Stroker Ace” Cooley, whose wry, detailed lyrical approach and delivery often provides balance to Hood’s broader takes. Cooley sees a “hipster cowgirl” doing a “sashay of shame” on a summer morning and pontificates on the changes in gender roles from his parents’ generation to the one behind him. “The old man’s world was more doing than thinking / And the doing was more cut and dried / Now girls collect trophies as much as the boys and come home just as filthy and fried,” he sings at the end.

"I'm always proud of Cooley's songs," Patterson Hood told Rolling Stone, "But he really outdid himself on this record."

American Band is the most topical work of the band’s 15-year recording career, with songs that tackle race, guns and politicians, including a Patterson Hood-penned look at racism and the shootings of unarmed African Americans called “What It Means.” In the press release announcing the album, Hood called it “a rock and roll call to arms as well as a musical reset button for our band and the country we live in.” Hood noted that it kind of had to be done.

”Neither Cooley nor I had really set out to write this kind of record," he continued to Rolling Stone, "But so much crazy s—’s been happening, so unfortunately the album kind of wrote itself."

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