Drive-by Truckers have announced the release of an epic 35-track live album, It’s a Great Time to Be Alive! The upcoming box set -- which captures the band’s famously raucous live show during a three-night stay at the Fillmore in San Francisco -- is slated for an Oct. 30 arrival.

The massive set includes cuts that date as far back as co-founders Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley’s early band, Adam’s House Cat, all the way through last year’s English Oceans. One small sample of the forthcoming album has already surfaced; listen to the Truckers’ performance of their 2010 The Big To-Do track, “Birthday Boy,” up above.

The Truckers will also condense the live effort into an abbreviated, 13-track edition dubbed This Weekend’s the Night. You can compare the two tracklists at the bottom of the page.

Both It’s Great to Be Alive! and This Weekend’s the Night can be pre-ordered now on iTunes. Likewise, you can also order the albums on CD and vinyl (the deluxe version is available as a three-CD or five-LP set) on the band’s website.

This Weekend’s Night Tracklist
1. “Lookout Mountain”
2. “Women Without Whiskey”
3. “The Righteous Path”
4. “Birthday Boy”
5. “Runaway Train”
6. “Primer Coat”
7. “Putting People on the Moon”
8. “A Ghost to Most”
9. “Goode’s Field Road”
10. “Sounds Better in the Song”
11. “A World of Hurt”
12. “Zip City”
13. “Grand Canyon”

It’s Great to Be Alive! Tracklist
14. “Lookout Mountain”
15. “Where the Devil Don’t Stay”
16. “Sink Hole”
17. “Made Up English Oceans”
18. “The Righteous Path”
19. “Women Without Whiskey”
20. “The Living Bubba”
21. “Primer Coat”
22. “Mercy Buckets”
23. “Marry Me”
24. “Tornadoes”
25. “Sounds Better in the Song”
26. “Used to Be a Cop”
27. “S--- Shots Count”
28. “Runaway Train”
29. “A Ghost to Most”
30. “Goode’s Field Road”
31. “Uncle Frank”
32. “Putting People on the Moon”
33. “First Air of Autumn”
34. “Box of Spiders”
35. “When the Pin Hits the Shell”
36. “A World of Hurt”
37. “Get Downtown”
38. “Ronnie and Neil”
39. “Gravity’s Gone”
40. “Pauline Hawkins”
41. “Birthday Boy”
42. “Girls Who Smoke”
43. “Three Dimes Down”
44. “Hell No, I Ain’t Happy”
45. “Shut Up and Get on the Plane”
46. “Angels and Fuselage”
47. “Zip City”
48. “Grand Canyon”

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