Dry the River is a band after my own heart. They exhibit three of my all-time favorite attributes in anything artistic: They're loud as hell, originally from Europe and grounded in emotion. Norwegian Peter Liddle's brainchild began as solo project but grew organically into a full-band endeavor as comrades from his teenage years in the England punk scene fell into the empty stage plots around him, helping his sound grow into the booming, atmospheric thing it is now.

Upon first listen to Dry the River, classics-in-the-making like Bon Iver and Poliça immediately come to mind, but if you dig deeper, the nuance of the punk and "emo" scene that Peter came up in shine through. Now, I know you're thinking: "Emo? NEEEXT!" But we're not talking about Dashboard Confessional here. We're talking Joan of Arc, Rites of Spring and the the Casket Lottery -- the stuff 90s dreams were made of.

Today, we have a gorgeous version of Dry the River's 'Demons' from their album 'Shallow Bed,' remixed by Manchester's mysterious No Ceremony///, who've been popping up on the remix circuit a fair amount lately. (The group recently put their own spin on 'Blood' by Patterns as well.) "It sounds rad," says Liddle, describing the track. "Glad to be able to premiere it with Diffuser for the start of our North American tour."

Snatch your copy of the amended 'Demons' below.

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