If you're old enough to remember spending weekday afternoons during the waning years of your pre-'Nevermind' life in front of the TV watching Disney's 'DuckTales' cartoon, you probably know where Ducktails, the dream-pop side project of Real Estate's Matt Mondanile, got its name.

As good as 'DuckTales' the cartoon was, the one thing even more memorable than the show itself was its theme song. It may not immediately come to mind with the mere mention of it, but trust us: It's on the tip of your tongue. If you don't believe us, check out the Postmodern Jukebox reworking, which takes the insanely catchy cartoon singalong and turns it into a smooth, early-'90s-styled R&B slow jam. One listen, and the original will pop right back into your head.

But the new version may be even better. It's amazingly fresh, funky and fun. Think of it as if Uncle Scrooge McDuck -- he being the richest duck in the world, of course -- laid out a cool million to bring together a supergroup featuring members of Boyz II Men, TLC and En Vogue, and said supergroup turned its attention solely to the classic American cartoons songbook.

That's basically the thinking behind the Postmodern Jukebox folks' Saturday Morning Slow Jam series, which offers up similarly reworked takes on the 'Pokemon' theme song and ... well, those are the only two they've done so far, but expect more to come soon. This stuff is too good to miss out on.