If you thought Bruce Springsteen's recent version of 'Royals' was going to be the oddest Lorde cover you'd hear this week, well, you were wrong. So, so wrong.

As you can see in the above video, Puddles the clown's take on the Lorde hit 'Team' is filled with "golden-voiced" singing, flaying jazz hands and acoustic accompaniment that shifts the focus to the song itself, rather than to the cult of Lorde, which sorta rules the original version.

But it's also dominated by that clown. That sad, scary, towering clown, who seems quite agitated with the whole thing by song's end. And one thing we learned when we were younger: You don't want to piss off a clown. Seriously.

This isn't Puddle's first dip into the Lorde songbook. Last year, he covered 'Royals' -- not only getting there before Springsteen, but also injecting it with a somber tone. Still, Springsteen's Nebraskian take on the song sounds nothing like the clown's version, which isn't half-bad . . . until you remember it's being sung by a clown. A sad, scary, towering clown.

If you check out Postmodern Jukebox's YouTube page, they have a ton of cover songs interpreted in their jazzy, mostly acoustic style. But for some reason, they seem to only haul out Puddles for their Lorde covers. Think they're trying to tell us something?

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