Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes and guitarist Dave Catching made a surprise appearance in Paris yesterday (Nov. 13) to mark the second anniversary of the Bataclan terrorist massacre. They performed "I Love You All the Time" and "Save a Prayer," the latter of which was the last song they had completed before the attack, and gave out white roses to the attendees.

“I’m so happy and pleased to see all of you,” Hughes told the audience at the 11th district town hall, where the memorial had been arranged by survivors. “The only reason we’re still standing is because you all still love rock and roll.” NME reported that he spoke of their merchandise manager who was a victim of the attack.

“It is difficult not to remember the people who were taken from us, like our friend Nick Alexander, and so many others. We watched people give their lives for their friends and we were able to bear witness to that. And now we have a burden of responsibility to make certain that everyone knows that kind of love exists in the world.”

A total of 89 people were killed when gunmen stormed the city venue while the band were performing there in 2015. It was one of several related violent incidents in the city that night, which left 130 dead. The band immediately abandoned their European tour, and rescheduled it for the following February.

“The people of Paris have always been incredible to us," Hughes said upon announcing the rescheduled dates, "and our feeling of love towards this beautiful city and its people has been reinforced a million times over this past month. Hearing the stories of the survivors, the injured and those who have lost loved ones has been overwhelming. Not returning to finish our set was never an option.”


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