We don’t ask that much of our rock stars. Basically we expect them to rock and to look cool. And, ideally, look cool while rocking. It beats driving and Uber, right? But here’s the thing: everyone, yes, even Bono and those perfectly messy dudes from Kings of Leon, looks uncool sometimes. We all trip on sidewalks and almost fall down, looking back or doing that stupid little jog to cover it up. We stumble, we bumble, we wipe out on that ridiculous hoverboard our little cousin got for his birthday. Nobody looks cool all the time. Okay, maybe Iggy Pop, but still.

That’s especially true for rock stars, who spend so much time on stage, Instagram, YouTube and on TV that at some point they’re gonna look dumb doing something. The difference between them and us, though, is that they can play it off if they are truly cool. Take Dave Grohl, for example. The Foo Fighters frontman took a hard fall off the stage last June during a show in Sweden, broke his leg and then still managed to finish the show.

And then what did he do to make us forget his dorky moment? He had a most extravagant custom throne built so he could continue rocking stadiums while seated, wiping our memories of that slip and fall.

Because it's April Fool's Day and we all look like the fool sometimes, in the gallery above we've gathered 21 of the most embarrassing rock moments from the past 30 years for your enjoyment. Enjoy the trip.

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