One month into their career, ETCHES have the drama thing down pat. Last month, the Liverpool quintet released their debut single, 'Let's Move In,' a stately and mysterious shimmer-pop gem pitched somewhere between artsy Coldplay anthem and Oasis pub singalong. Now comes the equally intriguing video, which is pleased to premiere today.

The clip centers on a befuddled bearded man who wakes up in the woods, wanders around for a while and winds up at a tiny deserted cottage. Once inside, the seemingly lovesick oldster fondles keepsakes and loses himself in thought, perhaps ruminating on some former lover who once lived in the humble abode. He ultimately decides to start a bonfire -- either to symbolize loss and acceptance or simply to keep warm, since it gets chilly in the forest, and beards don't always do the work of mufflers.

Comprising musicians from throughout England, ETCHES have already received airplay on XFM and BBC 1's 'Introducing' program, and they've caught the ear of bloggers from Fresh on the Net, Louder Than War and The Von Pip Musical Express. Click here for info and tour dates, and if you see a certain Wilford Brimley-looking dude ambling around your hood, keep him away from the matches.