Troubadour Ethan Daniel Davidson is releasing his first album in seven years, 'Silvertooth.' Today we get a sneak peek with the whimsical, folky single 'Ain't The Man I Used to Be.'

Ethan is originally from Detroit, and has traveled most of the country. He drove around every corner of it for six years and "knows at least 17 verses of Woody Guthrie's 'Ballad of Tom Joad'" according to his bio. This anachronistic folk sensibility gives 'Silvertooth' an unmistakable authenticity.

"My father, who was not only a very successful businessman but also successful as a human being, sincerely believed that people will do the right thing," he tells "He was half right: People will do the right thing, but mostly they will do the right thing by themselves. It's a realization which one usually becomes aware of only slowly: Most people you encounter will not have your best interests in mind. Indeed, most will not have any serious vision of the world beyond what is immediately expedient for them. The forest is full of wolves: Be friendly, but be careful."

Davidson's life lessons and philosophical brooding come through in 'Ain't The Man I Used to Be,' a song that feels weathered and wise beyond Davidson's years. Listen below.

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