Catfish and the Bottlemen have really upped the ante with their new video for "Hourglass." Not only did they get Ewan McGregor to star in the video, but the award-winning actor sings some of the track as well.

Directed by Jim Canty, the black and white visual follows McGregor through a hallway and into an elevator followed by the band's frontman, Van McCann. While the two are casually and quietly standing in the elevator, they both get off on the same floor and realize their apartments are across the hall from one another. The camera then cuts to McGregor's flat and films him sitting with an acoustic guitar, singing the first verse and chorus of "Hourglass."

With his starring role in the 2001 movie musical Moulin Rouge!, the actor quickly eases into vocals and, not surprisingly, sounds pretty good. The twist comes when McGregor drops his recorder with his "new song" on it, and McCann takes the opportunity to steal it. When the actor gets home, he hears McCann singing it but is really too drunk to do much about it.

"That's my f---ing song, my f---ing song," the happily drunken McGregor says as he opens the door into his apartment.

Catfish and the Bottlemen have been garnering praise across the globe with their debut record, The Balcony. That acclaim doesn't stop them from celebrating McGregor's involvement with the new video.

"With great honour we’d like to present a short film for “HOURGLASS” starring our all time hero SIR @mcgregor_ewan," the band tweeted.

The band will be heading on tour in the U.S. starting on June 1 in Washington, D.C. You can find their gig schedule on their website.