With their sophomore album due out in less than a month from now, Field Report seem to have timed the release perfectly, holding onto that last bit of summer with their song 'Home (Leave The Lights On)'.  Today (Sept. 9), they've released a tranquil video for the equally tranquil country tune.

The video depicts frontman Chris Porterfield wandering around the midwest in his Ford F-100 pickup truck, having a summery night out before finally returning home.  It plays on the song's themes of feeling lost, driving on the open road, not knowing when you'll be home again; kind of like what the band experienced while touring these past two years, playing venue after venue across the country. You can watch the video below:

Recorded last winter in Ontario with help from producer Robbie Lackritz, the album take is a bit brighter than the band's 2012 self-titled debut. 'Marigolden' is due out Oct. 7 via Partisan Records.