James Mercer fans who long for new Shins material will have to continue waiting, but they can seek solace in some vintage material from his band before the Shins, Flake Music.

Sub Pop is set to reissue Flake Music’s one and only album, ‘When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return,’ on Nov. 24 on vinyl, CD and digital download. The label is offering a preview of the album -- which was mixed, mastered and given new artwork for the first time since its recording in 1997 -- with the lead track, ‘Spanaway Hits.’ Take a listen in the video above.

The ‘90s outfit sounds remarkably similar to the Shins, which makes sense, as Mercer transitioned Flake Music into what would become the Shins, who would go on to release their breakout debut, ‘Oh, Inverted World,’ in 2001.

“So cool to hear this record now with a proper mix,” Mercer said in a recent interview. “We worked hard on these songs and finally we feel like they’ve been fully realized. Bask in the ‘90s glow of our summers passed.”

Heed Mercer’s request by pre-ordering the album via Sub Pop and check out the full track list below -- you’ll recognize the tenth song title as the inspiration for Mercer’s next band name.

‘When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return’ Track List
1. 'Spanaway Hits'
2. 'Play'
3. 'Blast Valve'
4. 'Roziere'
5. 'Structo'
6. 'Candy Dish of Diamonds'
7. 'Deluca'
8. 'Mieke'
9. 'On the Playground, In the Wind'
10. 'The Shins'
11. 'Faded Polaroids'
12. 'Vantage'

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