Even though Shins frontman James Mercer has been busy with Broken Bells lately, his full-time band found time to record a new song for Zach Braff's upcoming movie, 'Wish I Was Here.'

It's the least they could do, after all. Their inclusion in Braff's last movie, 2004's 'Garden State' -- which included an immortal line uttered by Natalie Portman about how the Shins' music is a life-changer -- gave the group its big break.

The new song, 'So Now What,' is streaming over at NPR right now. It's synth-heavy and kinda anthemic -- almost like an indie-rock version of Rocky's theme song.

The movie's soundtrack will also include tracks by Bon Iver, Paul Simon and a collaboration between Cat Power and Coldplay. It comes out on July 15, three days before the movie premieres.

And here's that Shins song that will change your life:

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