When the Flaming Lips announced that their Record Store Day contribution would be a double-album consisting of collaborations with other artists, ‘The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends,’ the music-loving world raised a collective eyebrow when they saw that there would be a duet with Kesha. In a new interview, frontman/weirdo Wayne Coyne discussed the duet with the pop superstar.

"She's a Flaming Lips fan," Coyne told Pitchfork. "When she played here in Oklahoma over the summer, she tweeted something like, 'If anybody knows the Flaming Lips tell them to come up...' I like her so much because she's just willing to be a freak."

According to Coyne, the track they worked on, '2012,' which also features rapper Biz Markie, deals with the end of the world and sounds "exactly what people would think a Kesha/Flaming Lips track would sound like. It's obnoxious and funny." The song was built around a 40-second demo that she sent Coyne, and recorded in her home studio in Nashville the night she tried acid for the first time.

And yes, Coyne does have a vial of Kesha's blood to be included in several "special" copies of 'Heady Fwends.' We can only hope that it was tested and cleared before she sent it to Coyne.