For How Big How Blue How Beautiful, the latest album by Florence + the Machine, the evocative British outfit turned to director Vincent Hayock to create a series of videos that would capture the emotion in throughout the songs. Now you can watch their complete vision in its entirety.

Welch and Hayock have shared The Odyssey, a 40-minute film that connects the videos for “What Kind Of Man,” “How Big How Blue How Beautiful,” “St. Jude,” “Ship To Wreck,” “Queen Of Peace” and “Delilah,” along with the final installment for “Third Eye," which is new.

“This is the finale of a very personal project that came from a conversation me and Vince had in the Chateau Marmont about a year and a half ago while I was writing How Big How Blue How Beautiful,” Welch said in a statement. “I was talking to him about the record and the car crash of a relationship break-up I was going through: the highs and the lows of love and performance, how out of control I felt, the purgatory of heartbreak and how I was trying to change and trying to be free. And we decided we would re-tell this story in full."

Hayock said, “The Odyssey, like the epic poem by Homer, is a journey... Its a metaphorical journey about escaping your demons, confronting yourself and returning to the original Florence, the dancer, the performer, the lover.”

Following debut screenings in New York and London, Welch premiered the film on YouTube and Vimeo. Check it out below.

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