Baltimore duo Beach House’s latest offering 'Bloom' is earning plenty of rave reviews (including our absolutely glowing one), but not everybody is on board with the album. Producer Flying Lotus recently hit up Twitter to share his thoughts on 'Bloom,' and they weren’t complimentary.

His first in a series of tweets starts friendly enough, but then he goes right into it: “this new beach house record is coo. just makes me wonder how so many bands are totally fine with sounding exactly like another band.”

Trust us, it gets worse. After following that up with a qualificative “doesn't mean its bad,” Lotus quickly launches into another tirade. “feels like i heard this album before a million times already. its just TOO familiar sounding, i duno.” That’s certainly a lot of times to have heard an album already.

After the inevitable Internet backlash, Flying Lotus goes on to address his detractors: “Dang. I wish people would make more of a fuss about the records I say I love instead of things I'm not excited about.”

And then, the final step. Responding to somebody who wrote “no offense @flyinglotus but I think Beach House would probably say the same thing about you,” he adds, “and they are entitled to that opinion. ALL LOVE.”

So, there you have it: how to launch a Twitter tirade in five easy posts. As of press time, Beach House have not taken the bait.