On their Sonic Highways tour, the Foo Fighters have been trotting out special guests and famous friends on par with Taylor Swift (although with perhaps slightly less fanfare and automatism). Over the weekend, that trend continued at the band’s stop in Anaheim, Calif., when Taylor Hawkins brought out Yes’ Jon Davison, who is also the drummer’s childhood friend.

Hawkins and Davison admitted to being self-proclaimed “Rush nerds” before introducing a cover of “Tom Sawyer.” However, their first choice would have been a Yes song, but Dave Grohl said, “They’re too f---ing hard.” Watch the Foo Fighters and Davison cover “the next best thing” to great effect in the fan-sot video above.

This isn’t the first time the Foo Fighters have covered the Rush classic on their Sonic Highways tour. Last month, the band brought a fan onstage to cover the song. Grohl was admittedly skeptical, but the fan pulled it off exceedingly well to everyone’s -- especially Grohl's -- shock and surprise.

The Foo Fighters will take up a two-night stay at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., tonight and tomorrow (Sept. 21-22). They have more U.S. dates scheduled through Oct. 18, when they’ll play a concert in Castaic, Calif., before heading to Europe. Get more details right here.

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