Last night (Sept. 14), the Foo Fighters had a special guest in the audience at their concert in Portland -- one Krist Novoselic. And Novoselic responded the way many diehard Foo Fighters fans would: a flood of videos, photos and accompanying exclamations by way of social media. He also dubbed the Foos “the best band in the world.”

Novoselic didn’t join the Foo Fighters on stage, but he was more than willing to share his enthusiasm from the sidelines:

That’s just a small selection of what Dave Grohl’s former bandmate shared on Twitter; the rest can be seen right here. Novoselic’s unabashed fandom comes mere days after he questioned what Nirvana would sound like today (“Maybe we would suck”) and showered praises on Grohl and the Foo Fighters (“He’s the leading act in the world”) during an interview with Spin.

The Foo Fighters’ tour continues tomorrow with a show in Mountain View, Calif. They have more U.S. dates on the books through next month, including an appearance at this year’s Austin City Limits on Oct. 2 and 9. Check out a list of all their upcoming stops at this location.