With the all-in promotional blitz the Foo Fighters are staging for their upcoming album, it's no surprise that they'll be hitting some places on tour they've never played before. Like South Africa, which Dave Grohl announced in a brief video clip.

"Hey, South Africa," Grohl says in the 17-second video, which you can watch above. "My name's Dave. I play in a band called the Foo Fighters. We've never met, so we're coming down to see you in December. Got a new record to play for you too. Guess what? It's gonna be a long f---in' long night."

The group will play two shows in South Africa: in Cape Town on Dec. 10, and in Johannesburg on Dec. 13.

Even though the Foos' still-untitled eighth album won't be out until November, the band has fired up the buzz machine over the past several weeks. In addition to that new LP, which marks the band's 20th anniversary, there's a new TV series coming too that documents the making of the album.

Over the past couple months, the band has showed up in New Orleans to play a surprise gig for the series (which ended up closing down a street), has agreed to play a Virginia concert after some fans set up a crowdfunding campaign and has treated fans to encores stuffed with classic-rock covers.

Who knows what else they have up their sleeves? We still have five months to go. In the meantime, here's a teaser trailer for the Foo Fighters' upcoming TV show, 'Sonic Highways':