Following much back and forth as to whether or not Noel and Liam Gallagher have a “gentlemen’s agreement” to reform Oasis, the Britpop outfit’s former manager, Alan McGee, has offered his two cents on the matter, saying he “can’t see a reunion happening" because they don't need to fix what isn't broken.

“Liam and Noel are the happiest I’ve seen them in years, so for that reason I can’t see a reunion happening,” McGee told the Daily Mirror. “I’ve met Noel on numerous occasions recently and bumped into Liam a few times and we’ve had lengthy conversations,” the Creation Records founder said. “And a reunion has never been discussed.”

However, McGee believes if the Gallagher brothers do decide to reunite it would happen “at some point in the next 20 years.” McGee said he personally isn’t interested in an Oasis reunion, saying he likely wouldn’t even see them live. “They’ve already got a manager and I like things the way they are,” he continued. “I certainly wouldn’t have any interest in reforming the band… I wouldn’t even go to see them. I suppose if they toured and somebody told me their gigs were incredible, I might go. But only if I knew it was going to be great.”

As for whether the Gallaghers’ recently reignited feud is authentic or all for show, McGee believes what you read is true brotherly sparring. “They are not showbizzy people like that,” he said. “When they say something, they mean it. When Liam’s calling Noel ‘Katie Hopkins,’ he really means it.” McGee is, of course, referring to when Liam compared his brother to the English TV reality star after Noel denied reunion rumors, saying they were coming from Liam’s camp. Now a new rumor has surfaced and it suggests Oasis will reunite -- only without Noel.

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