Isom Innis has had a busy year touring and playing with Foster the People. However, the Los Angeles artist shows that he still has some things up his sleeve with his latest solo track, 'Freak Show.' Check it out below.

Definitely falling more in the electronic dance realm, it's a fun tune that will instantly make you want to take the disco ball out of storage and start a party.

Posting the track on his SoundCloud page on Oct. 29 and plugging it on his social networks, the song seemed perfect for getting dressed up for Halloween. With vocals that resemble the production of Foster the People, the song gives off a late '70s disco vibe.

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"And I'm just a freak / And I like that," he sings on the chorus.

Using an image of Kathy Bates as Ethel Darling from 'American Horror Story: Freak Show,' the song ties nicely to that show's theme -- if the folks at FX were ever in need of a party song, wink wink.

No word on whether or not this is part of a larger project, but hopefully this won't be the last of Innis' solo work.

Listen to Isom Innis' 'Freak Show'

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