Foster the People's latest single features the eyebrow-raising title of 'Pseudologia Fantastica.' For those of you who are too busy to check Wikipedia or someplace that can fill you in on what this pretentious mess of words means, we did the heavy lifting: It's a fancy name for pathological lying. 

The band's new song, which is both dreamy and heavy all at once, tells us that maybe Foster the People have been binge-listening to My Bloody Valentine lately. Needless to say, fuzzed-out guitars and lilting vocals dominate the track.

Still, it's an interesting choice for a single, considering the majority of Foster the People's audience came to them via 'Pumped Up Kicks.' 'Psuedologia Fantastica' is super-poppy (and pretty good, to boot), but it's no ear-worm like the band's breakthrough hit.

This new song follows 'Coming of Age,' the first single and video from the group's upcoming second album, 'Supermodel,' which comes out on March 14.

After the record releases, Foster the People will be heading out on a U.S. tour. Many of the shows have already sold out (that's what a huge breakthrough single does for you). You can check out all the tour dates on the band's website.

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