Brooklyn harbors many fans of both David Foster Wallace and '80s dance music, but few possess the creative mind of Daniel Abary. The solo artist behind the Slowdive-inspired, ambient-dreamfolk project Four Visions works alone to create his spaced-out compositions before his live band of comrades learns the tracks for shows.

Reminiscent of a more poetic Jim Morrison, Daniel's vocals have a decidedly '70s spirit and balance the sharp edge of the tambourine nicely on 'Closer,' today's free MP3.

"I wrote and recorded it on my own in my apartment here in Brooklyn during the winter when I wasn't feeling so good about my life and my relationship had decayed with someone I was convinced I was in love with," Abary said of the track.

Truly, you can hear the winter in this single, and fans of the xx, Cocteau Twins and early Death Cab for Cutie will relish the sweet chill. Keep up with Four Visions here.

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