During an in-depth interview with BBC 6 Music, English producer Kieran Hebden -- better known by his stage name Four Tet -- revealed he appeared as an extra in Radiohead’s music video for their breakthrough Pablo Honey single “Creep.”

While reflecting on the moment Radiohead invited him on tour in 2003 -- which the producer said encouraged him to pursue performing electronic music live -- Hebden recalled appearing in the 1993 video around the age of 15:

I got invited to go on tour with Radiohead. They were absolutely huge and I’d been a fan since the ‘Drill’ EP had come out. I’m in the video for “Creep” in the audience. I followed them really closely from the very beginning. And I was being asked to open for them because they were fans of the record, and it made me think, live electronic music, I should get into that.

You can refresh your memory on the music video at the top of the page -- although it’s hard to make out Hebden among the tightly packed crowd pushing and moshing along to Radiohead’s performance.

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