When Fugazi recorded their first demos in the '80s, they almost certainly never imagined that anyone would care about the tracklisting three decades later.

But that's what happens when you go onto become one of the most influential post-hardcore outfits ever and decide to officially release those demos 26 years after they were recorded.

The 11-song 'First Demo' -- comprised of songs they recorded in 1988 at Virginia's Inner Ear Studio after only 10 live performances -- is set for release on Nov. 17 and the band has just revealed the official art and tracklisting (although it's the same as it was for anyone lucky enough to still have an original copy on cassette).


Fugazi, 'First Demo' track list:
1. 'Waiting Room'
2. 'Merchandise'
3. 'Furniture'
4. 'Song #1'
5. 'The Word'
6. 'Bad Mouth'
7. 'Break-In'
8. 'Turn Off Your Guns'
9. 'And the Same'
10. 'In Defense of Humans'
11. 'Joe #1'

Fugazi -- 'Bad Mouth' and 'Song #1' at Montgomery College in 1988