Ahead of its Nov. 18 release on Dischord Records, Fugazi are streaming their ‘First Demo,’ which contains raw cuts of songs that would later appear in more fully realized forms throughout their catalog. However, the 11-song demo also includes one never-before-heard song, ‘Turn Off Your Guns.’ Stream the demo in full below.

The D.C. punk leaders’ first-ever demo was recorded in 1988 at Virginia's famous Inner Ear Studios. And while you may be familiar with most of these tracks, hearing early, cutting-room-floor versions makes it well worth a spin.

‘First Demo’ is part of the ongoing ‘Fugazi Live Series,’ an archival project encompassing the band’s live performances from 1987-2003, along with photos, flyers and more -- all available for download.

Pre-order the album now, which will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download.

Stream Fugazi's 'First Demo'

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