Ahead of Father's Day, Future Islands have shared a video for their song, "A Song for Our Grandfathers," from their 2014 album Singles. In the clip, the band enjoy a picnic with their families and then perform the song for them. The video was directed by Jay Bium, who has also worked with Nick Cave and various advertisers. Future Islands are obviously embracing Father's Day: they also shared a site where users can send an e-card featuring the new music video to "your father or any other special dad you know." Check out the video below.

A few days ago, Future Islands performed a private corporate gig for Dealer.com in Vermont and were briefly joined on stage by Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler, who sang a few lines of their hit, "Seasons (Waiting On You)," before returning the reigns to Future Islands singer Samuel T. Herring. Future Islands are currently on tour and will stay on the road until September.

Future Islands – "A Song for Our Grandfathers' (Official Music Video)