Charismatic Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring has teamed up with hip-hop producer Madlib for a new rap project called Trouble Knows Me and will release a self-titled 12" EP on Sept. 1 via Madlib Invazion -- although if you hurry, you can have it shipped to you today by ordering here. Check out the title track below.

The Trouble Knows Me EP contains three rap tracks and three instrumental tracks on side A, and instrumental versions of the rap songs on side B. You can find the complete tracklist below.

While it might seem weird that Herring is into rap, it really isn't: He actually has a hip-hop alter ego, Hemlock Ernst, under which he's done some rapping over the past few years, including a guest spot on a Scallops Hotel track.

Trouble Knows Me Tracklist
Side A
1. "Intro (Sensuous Cause)"
2. "Streetsweeper"
3. "Trouble Knows Me"
4. "Interlude (Vision Incomplete)"
5. "Celebrity Vision"
6. "Outro (Drums & Loops)"

Side B
Instrumental versions of side A tracks