Soul legend James Brown lived a classic, rags-to-riches success story, growing up in extreme poverty in the slums of Georgia to become one of the most popular men on the planet. The new biopic 'Get on Up' tells the story of his struggles, and you can watch the first trailer from the upcoming movie above.

Chadwick Boseman plays the Godfather of Soul in the new movie, which opens Aug. 1. The film recounts Brown's harsh upbringing, which inspired him to rise to one of the most important and influential figures of the 20th century. Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson in last year's baseball biopic '42,' is still a relative newcomer to the big screen, having mostly appeared in TV roles.

Oscar bait Viola Davis plays Brown's mother, who gave birth to the future Hardest Working Man in Show Business in a small wooden shack when she was 16. Mom and son eventually moved into a brothel owned by Brown's Aunt Honey (more Oscar bait, Octavia Spencer). Susie abandoned James, leaving him on his own as he learned how to hustle on the streets.

After doing a bid at a juvenile-detention center for armed robbery, Brown started singing with a church group that led to the Famous Flames and a long and prosperous career. The movie plays out many of Brown's greatest accomplishments, as well as some of his darkest days.

So you can expect plenty of ups and downs. Plus, lots and lots of great music.

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