Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche is a busy man. Probably the busiest Wilco member not named Jeff Tweedy. When he's not in the studio or on the road with the band, he's hard at work on his solo material or playing sinks in a commercial for Delta Faucets. His latest solo record, 'Adventureland,' takes an experimental approach to classical music. "I have some ideas that are best explored in more of a solitary manner, usually ideas that wouldn't make sense to pursue in a group setting," he tells us. "Wilco is a completely different animal. My solo music tends to focus mostly on rhythm. I love being in a band, but I need to make music on my own as well. It's all about balance for me." Kotche took some time out of his busy schedule to answer five questions for us.

Is 'Adventureland' named after the amusement park, movie or something else?
Mainly the musical adventures that I've encountered since I began composing.

What was your biggest adventure on ‘Adventureland’?
Composing for instruments outside of the percussion family.

Do you play faucets around the house?
No. Mine aren't as good-sounding as the Delta ones.

Do you like getting your hair cut?
I love getting my hair washed and the scalp massaged.

What is your favorite thing to bang on?
A gong.