We get to hear Bryan Cranston vocalize his plight with a stellar 'Breaking Bad' amount of rage as he witnesses the King of the Monsters destroy the world in the latest 'Godzilla' trailer.

This new spot starts off with Cranston being imprisoned, and we get to hear his voice twist and warp between shades of disgust, anger and otherworldly fear as he beckons with his captors, presumably some form of government authority, about the existence of Godzilla. While Cranston did all right in the likes of 'Argo' and the recent 'Total Recall' remake, this trailer seems to hint that the award-winning Heisenberg will be in full force as he shows off his dynamic ranges of acting ability.

The trailer itself shows what you would expect from a 'Godzilla' trailer: lots of previous signs of destruction, the back of the monster, the King of the Monster's spine rising out of the water, etc. What we didn't expect were things like a giant, Godzilla-sized skeleton, a massive structure which appeared to be holding hundreds of eggs from Godzilla or some other kaiju (the Japanese word for a giant, strange creature).

The most interesting thing about this trailer is how it builds on the previously established lore of Godzilla from the Japanese films. The decision to include references to Godzilla's appearance in Japan (whether it is only in reference to the 1954 original film or if Godzilla's numerous sequels are referred to in this reboot is unknown) was a great decision. Instead of simply hinting at or referring to the source material, much like the blundering 1998 'Godzilla' movie did, this upcoming version appears to embrace the Japanese source material and evolves with it.

In the trailer, we see the skeletal remains of what presumably must be another kaiju, which we believe could be from the original Godzilla that was killed in the original 1954 film. We will get all the answers when 'Godzilla' returns on May 16.

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