As we wait for the April 28 release of Humanz (and a possible TV series), fans will be able to spend time inside the world of Gorillaz via a new app that will also allow you to preview their new album. The app available to download for free now.

"Step inside the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house, won’t you?" reads the copy on both the Apple and Android app stores. "For the very first time, all your pressing questions will be answered - where does Noodle find her inner chakra? What does 2D do on his time off from being a world famous frontman? When will Russel take his vibe to the streets? And what, exactly, is in the forbidden depths of Murdoc’s lair?"

A press release calls it a "mixed reality" app, using a "unique blend of real world, AR, VR and 360 environments." According to Pitchfork, the app uses your smartphone camera to "superimpose elements from their recent music videos into the user’s surroundings." The trailer that's embedded above shows a series of rooms -- including their Kong Studios and living quarters littered with musical instruments and pictures of Liberace and Richard Pryor om the walls -- where you can interact with the band.

In addition, those who download it will have access to the Humanz House Party -- a worldwide listening event that will serve as the premiere of Humanz. Further details have yet to be announced, but the press release boasts that “the Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations, from Tokyo to Santiago.”

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