Gorillaz fans, your long wait is finally over: the band's fifth album, Humanz, is out today (April 28).

The album's arrival in stores caps a long run up to its release that featured a typically eclectic assortment of innovative tie-ins in the promotional campaign, including a live premiere at a secret London show, unique live installations developed with speaker manufacturer Sonos, and a "mixed reality" app offering a sneak peek at the record's contents. As with many modern major releases, Humanz is available in more than one configuration — including the deluxe edition, which you can stream via Spotify below.

While the record's standard track listing is hefty as it stands, the deluxe edition takes it further, stretching the running order to 26 songs. It adds further evidence to the creative explosion described by frontman Damon Albarn in interviews leading up to the album's release; according to his estimation, the band had more than three dozen songs left over after they finished recording Humanz.

How many of those tracks ended up on the deluxe Humanz is unclear, but whatever they've got left in reserve for their next LP, fans don't need to worry about another extended layoff on the horizon anytime soon. In fact, Gorillaz will keep plenty busy for the foreseeable future: the group has lined up a tour that'll send them to North America for three months this year, and plans are also afoot to develop an animated TV series based on the bandmembers' animated alter egos.

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