Gossip's new eye-catching video for 'Move in the Right Direction' finds Beth Ditto and her bandmates embracing their new pop side and dancing up a storm. The video was shot in black and white with frequent splashes of red thrown in. It's a color scheme that really pops off the screen — no wonder the White Stripes stuck with that formula for so long.

The members of Gossip stand in a plain white room as lyrics from the song appear on the walls behind them. The giant words almost make the clip seem like a lyric video, and at times other phrases appear to help guide the viewer, like "guitar solo" and "fade out." Ditto sings in front of a group of six dancers, whose choreographed routine features mostly short, deliberate movements.

Is dance music indeed the right direction for Gossip? Ditto sure seems to think so. She has a big smile on her face as she sings, "I will hold back tears so I can move in the right direction / I have faced my fears, now I can move in the right direction."

A life-affirming pop song with a disco influence, 'Move in the Right Direction' is aiming to be a modern-day version of 'I Will Survive.' The band co-wrote the track with a team of writers, including house producer Fred Falke. The song appears on the album 'A Joyful Noise,' which is in stores now.

Watch Gossip's 'Move in the Right Direction' Video

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