Gossip know how to get a crowd dancing, and that's exactly what they'll do with 'Move in the Right Direction,' the latest release from the band's forthcoming fifth album, 'A Joyful Noise,' out on May 22.

When we last heard from Gossip, they were going retro with the video for first 'Joyful Noise' single 'Perfect World,' a throwback to classic '80s clips from artists like Eurythmics and Bonnie Tyler. Now they are moving forward with 'Move in the Right Direction.' While 'Perfect' was pure power ballad, 'Move' is more of a disco-tinged, club ready track -- think somewhere between New Order and Madonna, and you have a good idea of what they are getting at.

Most Gossip tunes are penned by guitarist Nathan Howdeshell and drummer Hannah Blilie, with singer Beth Ditto adding the lyrics, but 'Move' finds 'A Joyful Noise' producer Brian Higgins stepping in to lend a hand. "It was definitely very different for us to hand over that creative side a little bit and then reinterpret it in our own way," guitarist Nathan Howdeshell tells Rolling Stone.

The different approach seems to have emboldened Ditto, who takes on life with a new resolve. "Because I will hold back tears / So I can move in the right direction / I have faced my fears / Now I can move in the right direction," Ditto sings in the chorus over surging synths and a four-on-the-floor beat. By the time Howdeshell comes in with the trebly, Bernard Sumner-styled guitars, it's clear that the new direction is a good one for the Gossip.

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Listen to the Gossip, 'Move in the Right Direction'

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