Sex change rumors, 'Star Wars' parodies ... what a crazy life Wally De Backer, aka Gotye, is living these days. The new MTV Video Music Awards nominee recently chatted with E! Online about the latest gossip in his world.

While the mere existence of the interview quashed the rumors that Gotye had died, he told the site, "Apparently there's been a sex change hoax as well." When presented with an opportunity to respond to the innuendo, he passed. "Do I have to? Maybe it's fun keeping it open."

Gotye was asked again about the cover and tribute versions of his No. 1 smash that are all over the Internet, like the recent 'Some Music That I Used to Love,' which seems like the parody to end all parodies. "There are a bunch that I've seen that I've enjoyed," he said. "I've certainly had a good laugh at some of them. It's incredible to see how they kind of mutate and develop." He singled out the 'Star Wars' cover, noting, "The guy who plays George Lucas has a particularly good shoulder roll."

With 'Somebody That I Used to Know' earning nominations for Video of the Year and Best Editing at the VMAs, the onslaught of parody videos may not end any time soon. But we can think of one way to make them stop. It's by releasing another single. Come on, Gotye — it's August now. Can we get another song already?

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