Every year at the Grammys, the Recording Academy gives out multiple Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards to "performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording." A slew of big-name artists -- people like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson -- have received the award, but the number of less mainstream, "edgier" rockers is small. Here are 5 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards We'd Like to See Given Out.

  • Tom Waits

    When Neil Young inducted Tom Waits into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, he called him "a great performer, singer, actor, magician, spirit guide and changeling" -- and we can't think of a better description for the eccentric rocker. Waits already has two Grammys to his name, and his 'Bad As Me' disc is up for Best Alternative Album at this year's ceremony. May as well give him a Lifetime trophy while he's there, right?

    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images
  • Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop: the rock star with nine lives. He's survived numerous personal calamities, substance abuse issues and professional setbacks, all the while churning out raw and passionate rock at a steady pace -- and with little regard for mainstream ambition. For that reason alone, we nominate the so-called Godfather of Punk for the Lifetime Achievement Grammy.

    Matt Cardy, Getty Images
  • Beastie Boys

    The Beastie Boys may seem too young for a Lifetime Achievement Award, but they were inducted into the Rock Hall last year, and with the tragic passing of Adam "MCA" Yauch also in 2012, the B-Boys are likely never going to perform again. If the band really is finished, why not fete them for their awesome career?

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  • Lou Reed

    With just one measly Grammy win to his credit -- a 1999 trophy for Best Long-Form Music Video, of all things -- Lou Reed may seem like a long-shot for a Lifetime Achievement honor. But what Reed has lacked in terms of praise from the Academy he's easily made up for with decades of honest, ambitious and challenging music. Give one to Lou, already!

    Carlos Alvarez, Getty Images
  • Elvis Costello

    That other Elvis was one of the first to snag a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy, winning one back in 1971, but Elvis Costello may never share the honor. Despite the lengthy, critically acclaimed career, Costello has just one Grammy win to his credit: a Best Pop Collaboration award in 1998 for a duet with Burt Bacharach. Nevertheless, he's deserving of some Lifetime Achievement hardware from the Academy.

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