By the time Ed Droste sings, “Yet again, we are the only ones,” you will need no further reminder of what makes Grizzly Bear so mesmerizing. They have long been masters of harmonic hypnosis (see: ‘Ready, Able’) but their newest, ‘Yet Again,’ is exceptionally enchanting. An inebriating mixture of swirling lullaby and subtle tension, the track is an exhibition of Droste’s mastery of indie pop songcraft.

It's the second taster from 'Shields,’ their fourth studio album, due out on Sept. 18 on Warp. While ‘Sleeping Ute,’ the first track released, centers around the tight-yet-exploratory work of Daniel Rossen, ‘Yet Again’ is deeply different: The guitar is understated, dancing across the groove set up by bassist Chris Taylor and drummer Christopher Bear. As the Brooklyn band is known for, nothing in the track feels out of place; each piece contributes to the whole. Of particular note is Bear’s crisp, clever percussion, so easy to overlook among the kaleidoscope of multi-part harmonies.

What a promise these two tracks are, teasing the range of Grizzly goodness that the new record will hold. We can't wait for 'Shields.'

Listen to Grizzly Bear, 'Yet Again'